Russian gay men in swimwear

Unlike the USA both Russian gay men and Russian straight men are into body fitting spandex swimwear. Russian gay men are often more into the designer styles and the smaller cuts. Where as the average Russian man will choose a Speedo style suit most Russian gay men will go with bikinis, thongs and g-strings. The bikinis and to some degree the thongs are spilling over to the straight side with lines being blurred has all Russian men get deeper and deeper into the fashion scene. The taste here is decidingly European rather than American. Russian men enjoy showing off their bulges to each other and to their women. Women in Russia expect and prefer to see a nicely displayed bulge.

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Russian gay men in micro swimsuits by bulge wear for men

Russian gay men in micro swimsuits by


Russian Gay Men

This blog is dedicated to all the hot Russian gay men. Many people outside of Russia have no idea how large the gay community is there. It is large and thriving with so many hot guys it would blow you away.

This blog we feature photos of hot Russian gay men, articles about hot spots and where to meet hot Russian guys in Russia and through-out the world. The gay Russian community is close knit for obvious reasons but slowly but surely they are becoming more open about gay sexuality.


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Hot gay Russian men showing off cock displays